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Hijab Tutorial Style 22 by

Posted on Aug 6, 2012 in HijUpCom | 0 comments

Be fabulous with HijUp! Check the designers collections at

Download the song here :

Fabulous with HijUp Lyrics :

Flower is beautiful
Joyfully exposed
Don’t let they get your scent and slight you
True beauty is respect

You know your like a pearl
Live in a thick shell
Sparkling and shining inside
Happy and valuable

Reff : Cause you wear hijab

You wear HijUp

You wear HijUp

You wear HijUp

Out of sight, mind blowing
You breath with protection
You have freedom, peace and liberty
Pureness all in you

So get up with your hijab
Go make your life up
You can be fabulous and stay modest
Proud of the way you dress

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