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Kim Kardashian Makeup & Contouring

Posted on Jun 10, 2012 in Zukreat | 0 comments

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Hi Guys,

I’m so excited for you to see this video! I’ve been meaning to do a neutral yet dramatic arabic style look for a while. With the timing of Kim Kardashians True Reflections perfume I thought It would be great to create a similar look, taking in the beautiful browns and bronze tones used in her makeup. You can see the inspiration picture on my Facebook page

In this video I use mostly my Artist of Makeup line, which is almost ready to be launched and I thought this was a good way to show case the colours, the brushes in one video.

My beautiful model Erica loved the makeup on Camera, but I could see that face to face the makeup looked amazing on her and I really wanted her to look in the mirror to get a real idea of what it looked like. Luckily I managed to capture her reaction! You really have to see her reaction, she absolutely loved it! The Makeup looked more like the photograph that I had taken with my pro camera, my video camera didn’t really do the makeup any justice but I’m hoping you guys can still see and learn what I did.

I would love to read your comments and reactions to this tutorial! So Please feel free to tweet me or write me a comment below!

I hope you all enjoy the video, and remember to watch right until the end, HER REACTION IS GREAT!

If you have any questions for me then please post them below, or tweet me at

I hope you enjoy it :)

Zukreat xxx

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